Telling the Grace Wars Story: Entertainment News

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 Grace Wars, the war of the heavens soars higher and further than any previous depiction. Audiences and readers alike are instantly transported to eternity past, through dimensional portals before time and space itself. There we all share this amazing retelling of such incredible events, none before have ever dared to bring to the screen Now, replayed through the adventures of these, our unlikely heroes who are a part of, and witness to. 

We witness the spectacular re-creation story, the birth of Mankind, and the eventual Fall of Man. These in creditable, eye-popping, heart-stopping events, are all told through the eyes, antics, and adventures of our primary characters, three fallen angels, who become would-be double agents for heaven while carrying out their assignments here on earth.

Who was this ancient, holy man Job, whose wealth, stature, and integrity rivaled the greatest of his day, and caused Satan to challenge the Most High for secrets and soul? After this feud between Heaven and Hell, Job lived another remarkable 120 years and passed his hidden wisdom to trusted men of the East