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Grace Wars the Wars of Heaven

“How have you fallen, oh sun of the morning” 

A Story of the Heavens


How you have fallen from heaven, morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth…” Isaiah 14:12

Grace Wars, the war of the heavens, recounts the most in a creditable rise to power, honor, and privilege, High above the rest of creatures and creation. Lucifer Angel, Son of the Morning and Supreme Cherub who had access to The Most High’s throne room and walked among the fiery stones, was indeed perfect in every way…, till iniquity was found in him! (Ezekiel 28:12-19) 

Then filled with violence and profanity, his heart was lifted in pride, and was corrupted by the brightness of strange fire.


It’s there, in the eternal past, we relive the real star wars, as the fallen one, through unholy means, amasses his armies, one-third of the heavenly host, and seeks to overthrow the Kingdom of Heaven.

As the scene moves from the Heavens, and Lucifer Angel falls to Earth, all watching his incarnate transformation into the Great Red Dragon, that old Serpent, the Devil..., followed by the Choshek, the Age of Darkness. It’s here. Armageddon begins, which threatens the very balance of power in the heavens, the universe, and eventually the earth’s future, thus it starts Grace Wars..., Wars of Heaven 


Grace Wars, the story of the wars of heaven do a masterful job of bringing to life the Bible’s plot in a fresh, unique, and entertaining way. Drawn in by the antics of the three misfits, and central characters, audiences of all backgrounds and ages will thoroughly enjoy these timeless stories retold. and more entertainment news

We are given an enchanted view of a heavenly realm, pre-human Creation. The Most High‘s throne room, the River and Tree of Life; we witness as the Angelic orders are set in place, and how Heaven operates. It’s from this vantage point our three main characters, three misfit angels, draw us in and give us a front-row seat to the greatest story ever told!