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It always starts with a Great Story and boy, we’ve got the best!

For over 100 years, one book has consistently outsold all other best sellers worldwide. For thousands of generations now, one literary source has continued to serve as the model for classic epic storytelling. With more than 40 contributing writers, over a 1500-hundred-year span, one book has stood at the apex of all others. 

This is it! Between its pages, it’s all here, the how, when, and why of humanity. Recorded are the heights and depths of mankind’s struggles. It’s the greatest of all love sagas, the greatest heroin odyssey, the most magnificent mystery ever put to pen. There are giants and alien invasions, monsters of land and sea. There are 3000-year-old family rivalries.

Man’s ultimate hope for pleasure and reward, and his deepest, darkest, fears come true, it’s all there. These are the rich, still very relevant stories of the Bible; more art and entertainment, using the best tools of social media marketing and Moviestvnetwork  

Target Market

Grace Wars the Battle Moves on Dave, Timothy of the Faithful, Evander, and Abandon the Destroyer

Purpose of Story Line

To creatively retell the biblical epic to audiences of all ages and backgrounds in an intelligent, clever, and entertaining way by uses of humorous, edgy, playful characters. The stories are the best of arts and entertainment and moviestvnetwork

Grace Wars the Stories Julius of David and the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Lucifer, Jazzie, Bernard

Product Demographics

The primary initial audience is everyone around North America. The secondary audience will be viewers from South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Above and Below Studios present Grace Wars the Wars of Heaven

Our Team

We are composed of a talented and diverse cast of professionals spanning a wide range of backgrounds in shorts, training and documentaries, live television production, computer graphics, and most importantly, animation creation and storytelling.

Above and Below Studios LLC


  • Above it All
  • The Seraphim Revolt
  • The Dead Planet
  • A Hot Time in the o’l Town Tonight
  • Trouble in Paradise
  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers 
  • David and the Lion of the Tribe of Judea
  • All the Kings Men 

By use of today’s graphic arts and CG animation tools, a realm otherwise left alone to the imagination is recreated in all its mystery, intrigue, and splendor!